Riser Clamps
A riser clamp is tool which is utilized by pipe manufacturing industries to support perpendicular sprints of piping at every ground stage. These sorts of tools are located around the pipe and basic closures are then constricted to clamp them onto the pipe. The resistance among the pipe and riser moves the mass of the pipe in the course of riser to the building construction. Risers are normally placed at floor diffusions, chiefly for incessant floor chunks such as tangible. They may as well be placed at a few other spaces as uttered by restricted building codes or at middle spaces to support testing which has been changed or revamped.
Category & Specification of Riser Clamp
Part No. Size Pipe Dia
ARC50 1/2" 21.30
ARC75 3/4" 26.70
ARC100 1" 33.40
ARC125 1 14" 42.20
ARC150 1 1/2" 48.30
ARC200 2" 60.30
ARC250 2 1/2" 73.00
ARC300 3" 88.90
ARC350 3 1/2" 101.60
ARC400 4" 114.30
ARC500 5" 141.30
ARC600 6" 168.30
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